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Brand Strategy

Align your brands, products, and services to enable your growth strategy and set you apart in your marketplace. Brand strategy generates higher awareness and increased value for your business.

Brand Identity

DCC will create a brand identity that will help your customers to identify and remember the product and quality of your brand and ensure you’ll stand out. A Logo that works is: Simple, Memorable, Relevant, Scalable, and Versatile. Complete your brand identity’s voice & tone with brand guidelines: Logo Formats, Color Palette, Typography, Visual Assets and Templates.

Website Design & Development

We will create, launch, and host a new website utilizing a market-leading CMS platform. All websites are designed to be responsive and maintain brand integrity, regardless of device viewed-on. Additionally, we can provide hosting and content delivery network (CDN) to ensure your site speeds are ideal for your clients and Google organic ranking.

Google Optimization & Lead Generation

46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. Results populate from their tools such as: Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Ads, YouTube to drive traffic. Maximizing these tools will ensure your company is who is seen and not your competition.

Amazon Brand Development

Success on Amazon begins by creating a compelling brand. Today’s consumers care about where they invest their hard-earned dollars. Most people choose a brand, not of lowest price, but the brand they trust the most. The time and effort you put into proper eCommerce branding increases your visibility, credibility, and trust with consumers.

Print Advertising

No—print isn’t dead yet. In some respects it’s more in demand than ever. In-fact, the promotion of your brand can be more effective when digital and print are used in tandem. DCC will create strategic print deliverables such as: Product Packaging & Labeling, Interior & Exterior Signage, Displays, Vehicle Wraps, Magazines Ads, Brochures, Leave-behinds of all kinds, Restaurant Menus, Business Stationery and more.

Opportunity Identification

Sound strategy is paramount to successful opportunity identification. Decisions need to be built on solid insights and research, not hope or faith. Ideal uses: assessing acquisition targets, lead generation audit, identifying growth opportunities, understanding market perceptions, developing organizational structures, and drive market growth.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the method of increasing the organic ranking of individual website pages, by increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic through web page titles, meta descriptions, specific keywords, and geo-targeted content.

(SEM) Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the combination of “paid search” such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Short term programs of SEM are generally focused on paid digital marketing only, utilizing AdWords and Pay-per-click advertising.

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