Suncoast Drilling

Sep 26, 2023

With just the right dose of client inspiration, a brand can be recreated to meet the growing needs of an industry.

A Branding Experience

SunCoast Drilling, a company based in Central Florida, was founded in 2010. Initially focused on drilling wells for property owners, the company eventually shifted its focus to geotechnical and environmental work, catering to the needs of geotechnical and civil engineers. Matt, the owner, aimed to establish SunCoast Drilling as a trustworthy partner in the eyes of these engineers, comparable to a national company. As a result, he recognized the need to transform their business into a recognizable brand.

Double Coast Creative began with a conversation that allowed us to understand the key factors SunCoast Drilling wanted their brand to embody. Through this discovery, we quickly realized that along with a redesigned Brand – their reliability, professionalism, and problem-solving spirit needed to be conveyed to acquire the desired attention.

With the perfect dose of inspiration, DCC embarked on a transformative journey to revamp Suncoast Drillings’ logo, website, and promotional materials. Larry, the Creative Director at Double Coast Creative, shared, “When we discovered the client’s line of work, our path forward became clear.” Inspired by the diversity of drill heads, Larry crafted a striking graphic that not only resembled a drill head but also bore remarkable semblance to a radiant sun icon.

Did the investment in cost, time, and energy pay off? Matt said, “within the first 6 months, we secured our biggest client to date”. The engineering firm discovered SunCoast Drilling via the internet, examined their website, and initiated a collaboration. SunCoast has since enjoyed the rewards of its branding, including venturing into D.O.T. and establishing a location in Jacksonville.

If your business is looking to change its vision, expand its audience, or differentiate itself from competitors, a brand refresh with DCC can help you finish 2023 strong and set the stage for an amazing 2024!

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