Your Brand Cracking UP?

Nov 20, 2023

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos

Your brand is not just a mere visual representation or a simple logo. It is the very essence of your business, the core identity that distinguishes you from your competitors. A successful brand can have a profound impact on forging emotional connections with your valued customers and cultivating unwavering loyalty. It can give you a competitive advantage, driving consistent sales and growth. To prevent your brand from cracking up, it needs to evolve and maintain relevancy. 


By leveraging the power of a rebrand. By refreshing your brand you have the opportunity to reshape your brand’s messaging, positioning, and overall perception. This strategic move enables you to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and ultimately expand your market share.

I witnessed the transformative power of a rebrand during my time at SureCrete. Steve and Jack Thomas built a brand synonymous with exceptional quality products, unrivaled technical support, and outstanding customer service. Year after year, they introduced innovative product technologies that catered to the needs of decorative concrete contractors. 

One of our greatest challenges was contractors and distributors perceiving our brand as a premium product. To address this, we embarked on a brand refresh. Our focus was on creating a modern logo, eye-catching packaging, and captivating marketing materials. These elements played a crucial role in conveying SureCrete’s identity and the values our products embody.

Worth the effort? 

Steve Thomas, former owner of SureCrete, had this to say “The rebrand was designed to fuel continuous growth. We wanted to reassure our customers of our commitment. The new look made our products jump off the shelves, distinguishing SureCrete from our competitors.”

SureCrete’s sales team experienced an immediate positive impact on sales as a result of the brand refresh. Andrew Piccarelli, the former regional manager of SureCrete and founder of Top Shelf Concrete Design, expressed the impact succinctly, stating “The updated brand appearance created a strong desire among supply stores and applicators. They wanted to represent a high-quality brand. This newfound brand awareness led to a significant increase in sales.”

The response from the SureCrete distribution network was equally positive. Christi Tamayo from Select Surface Solutions in Orlando, FL expressed how “the new packaging and marketing materials elevated the overall appearance of our store. Educating contractors on SureCrete technology became simpler as the product truly reflected its quality. Contractors also found it beneficial, using it as a selling point for their projects, as property owners held greater confidence in the brand.”

The rebrand was a necessary and successful move for SureCrete. Despite the investment of time, money, and energy, the increase in sales validated the importance of this marketing decision. If your brand is not receiving the desired recognition or engagement, a rebranding could be the solution to unlock its full potential!