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Listen. Imagine. Create.

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Just The Gist

Helping businesses stand out from the “I think I can” sort and elevate them to the “Yeah! We got this!!” brand. Let’s get together (6′ of course) and discuss how we can contribute to a brand strategy that works.

For the love of Branding

Just a few things to consider before making a decision on what-in-the-world you’re getting in to.


Who are you? What’s your favorite thing? What do you do for fun? What do you like and unlike most? How would you like to be perceived?


What are your intentions? Do you intend on promoting yourself, products, or services? What are they? Are they needs or wants?


Why in the world do you even want to go down this path? Have you counted the costs? Are people interested in what you’re selling?

Current & Past Collabs:

Lightning Mechanical  |  Water Oak Restaurant  |  Hog Island Fish Camp Restaurant  |  Suncoast Drilling  |  Tampa Bay Brewing Company  |  SureCrete Design  |  Burke Industrial Coatings  |  Fenix Group  |  TK Products  |  Concrete Coatings  |  Icynene  |  Busch Gardens  |  Sea World  |  Medieval Times  |  Hard Rock Theme Park

Client Spotlight

I remember it like it was yesterday. Suddenly, I became available to embark on a new employment adventure and stopped for a delicious craft beer at my favorite Brew Pub. In talking with the owner, it quickly became evident my new adventure was about to begin.

K.I.S. & L.i.c.

As if you didn’t know, to “KIS” it means to “Keep It Simple”. So before we can KIS anything, we first have to LIC.


It’s challenging. There can be a lot of head nodding and note taking going on in any given meeting and not much listening because we know what you need already. Just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean it’s best practice. You’re busy doing your thing, so when it’s time to listen, We Listen.


Before, during and after a client discussion, the creative wheels are turning. We can’t help it, It’s who we are. After listening though, the direction starts to take shape and the path becomes clear. That’s when the meaningfull imaging happens and smoke appears.


After sitting on it for a period of time, usually between a couple of hours and a week or so, concepts begin to take shape, a strategy discussed, and content is created. The Listening and Imagining culminates in the creation of something that makes us say… let the Kissing begin.